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Indian Brick Sector

The construction industry contributes to about 10 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), registering an annual growth of about 9 %. Clay fired bricks form the backbone of the construction industry which is valued at approximately US$ 70.8 billion. The brick sector in India, although unorganised, is tremendous in size and spread. India is the second largest brick producer (China dominates with 54 % share) in the world. It is continuously expanding on account of a rapid increase in demand for bricks in infrastructure and housing industries. In order to meet this demand, over 150,000 brick units provide direct employment to more than 8 million workers. During the Ninth Five-year Plan period (1997-2002), the annual demand of 170 billion bricks per year was estimated to be generating revenues of over US$ 4.8 billion.



Bihar needs over 7500 million bricks over the next five years just to meet the rural housing gap of 1.1 million dwellings per year. Potential savings of 2.8 million tonnes of CO2e are possible while creating livelihoods for 0.35 million people by introducing cleaner production systems.

Orissa is poised to be a major hub for manufacturing industries, which will lead to the generation of enormous quantities of industrial wastes. The use of industrial wastes like fly ash, dolochar etc. in brick production can potentially save over 4.6 million tonnes of CO2e per year. Setting up 800 new units just to utilise the available fly ash will lead to the generation of over 15,000 jobs for local people.


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